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Business Description:

TMG SOLUTIONS USA, LLC provides sales and marketing support as partners with medium and large telecommunications and technology companies. We build bridges that connect our partners with customers in Africa and the United States. Our international network has developed through nearly 20 years working in the public and private sector sub-Saharan Africa.  This experience enables our partners to achieve their sales goals more quickly by helping them avoid pitfalls associated with expanding into new and unfamiliar territory.

Our Services Include…

  • Export Readiness Assessment & Assistance
  • Target Market Research
  • Market Penetration Strategy Development & Execution
  • Product Representation
  • Sales & After Sales Support


Build Bridges That Build Business.

We enable our US and African partners and clients to achieve their international growth objectives with our first-hand understanding of how business is done on both continents.

Our Business Philosophy:

We provide customer centered solutions that are tailored to our clients’ unique needs.

About Us

The Manly Group (TMG) was established in 1994 in Atlanta, Georgia as a consulting company focused on Marketing, Market Research and Quality Management.  The business was re-established as a division of TMG Solutions (Pty) Ltd., a South African registered company in 1997.  At that time our service portfolio was expanded to include Trade, Investment and later Tourism.

TMG Solutions was co-founded by Tongila and Ted Manly. Ted is an Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Marketing specialist with over 18 years’ experience working in Africa and 10 years telecommunications industry experience in the United States.  In 1996, during a project assignment in South Africa, it was determined that The Manly Group would move to South Africa to assist African businesses access American technology, skills and markets.  The company also provided services to various US organizations. We represented Enterprise Florida Inc. (the state’s principal economic development organization) from 2001-2012.


TMG Solutions USA Headquarters


TMG Solutions works with African and American companies in both regions.  We augment our capabilities by out-sourcing for specific expertise when client solutions require additional skills to achieve project. These out-sourced relationships often provide a presence in markets in which we do not have a physical presence.

Since January 2015, TMG Solutions USA, LLC has been based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida near Jacksonville, FL

Who Benefits from Our Services?

  • Companies seeking to determine product or service viability before making a Long-Term Investment in the target market or country.
  • Companies willing to leverage TMG’s Knowledge and Understanding of the South African and US business markets to increase their chances of success.
  • Companies needing to augment their existing market research and sales resources for a defined period until their expansion comfort level is reached.

We consistently provide customer centered services that

are tailored to our clients’ requirements and goals.